Adams Cemetery, Molalla, Oregon

About half way between the city of Molalla and Feyrer Park where the 2023 Robbins Reunion will be held, is Adams Cemetery Road, which runs past some farms and up a hill to the large Adams Cemetery.  That cemetery is where Jacob and Sarah (Spilman) Robbins and many of their descendants rest.

Being only a 5-minute drive from Feyrer Park it would make a great stop, coming or going, to the reunion. 

According to the Oregon Historic Sites Database ( the Adams Cemetery was established in 1865 and Sarah (Spilman) Robbins was said to be the first person buried there.  From family stories we know that Jacob moved the bodies of his young sons who died in 1852 at the end of the Oregon Trail to the Adams Cemetery once it was established and their graves are marked today.  The property was deeded to the Adams Cemetery Association in 1921 by William Adams and Lloyd Shaver.  Other portions of the property was deeded to the Association in 1938 by Alfred Shaver (the Shavers were Robbins descendants).

Among the children of Jacob and Sarah in the Adams Cemetery are:  Harvey Robbins (1833-1925), Levi Robbins (1835-1921), Thomas Robbins (1836-1913), Martin Robbins (1838-1921), Oliver Robbins (1840-1933), Theodore Robbins (1844-1952), and Aaron Robbins (1847-1852).

To find the graves of Jacob and Sarah and some of the older Robbins burials, enter the cemetery through the gate, drive straight ahead towards the flag pole, then turn right and drive through the grove of trees.  Many of the oldest family graves are on the east side of the road, though there are many other relations throughout the cemetery.  Here is rough map from FindAGrave:

And here are several photos from the Adams Cemetery:

Levi, son of Jacob and Sarah Robbins

Jacob and Sarah Robbins with their two sons who died at the end of the Oregon Trail in 1852; son Martin Robbins in background

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