Daily News Reports on Reunion

Greensburg (Indiana) local columnist Pat Smith, headlined an article in the Daily News:  “Robbins Reunion Was a Success.”  Pat had contacted me for a report about the reunion.

“Months ago (or maybe even a year ago) I wrote about a Robbins reunion that took place in 1922 and wondered if anyone would be interested in one this year, 100 years later.  It did take place, and Kevin Mittge wrote to me about it saying it was a great success and that local attorney William (“Bill”) Hunter Robbins welcomed families to Decatur County.”

She goes to mention some of the Robbins history in Decatur County and then writes “I visited his [William Robbins Sr.} grave in 1975 when writing a series about Revolutionary War veterans buried in Decatur County with the help of the Daughters of the American Revolution.”

Pat also describes how reunion attendees came from all over Indiana and all over the United States, using some of the statistics that I provided in a previous post.

And finally she credits the generous reunion attendees for, not only covering the expense of the room rental and photographer fee, but providing much more that was donated in the name of the Robbins reunion to the Decatur County Historical Society (which organization, by the way, sent me a nice acknowledgment of the reunion’s donation).

Many thanks to Melissa Robbins of Greensburg for forwarding a copy of the newspaper to me!

3 thoughts on “Daily News Reports on Reunion

  1. Thanks Kevin for sharing!!! sure wish we could have attended but it was France or Family Reunion. France was great, oh my what a beautiful place and we stayed with Ken and Stephanie Williamson for 2 weeks they had rented a villa for 4 months. Rent free we were welcome to stay for 2 weeks. Please continue sharing all the Robbins history with families.

    Barbara Ball Linens Stinger


  2. I’m a descendant of Jonathan Robin’s who married Jane Boling on 3 Dec 1856, Salem, Washington,
    Indiana. They had a daughter, Isadora Robins. Isadora married Benjamin Franklin Bymaster 2 Sep 1880 Montgomery County, Indiana.
    Do you all have any information on Jonathan ? He seemed to disappear.


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