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  1. Do you have any information on the Robins/Robbins in Tennessee? Specifically an Absalom Wells Robins in Henry county, Tennessee? He was supposedly born around 1804 in North Carolina (also possibly Virginia). Died in Massac County, Illinois around 1851. His wife was a Gincey Brown (1811-1851). They had several children. I have researched this line from today to Absalom Wells Robins, but I can’t figure out who his father or mother was. I do have records of him in Henry county, Tennessee, and his kids census mostly list his birthplace as North Carolina. I have come to a dead end but I am pretty sure somehow he is related to the line if Robins from North Carolina. Names travel in families and Absalom was as you know very popular among the Robins/Robbins. Also I know there was at least one or a few women with the Maiden name of Wells, who married Robins/Robbins. This is why I am thinking his middle name was Wells. Please help if you have any info or leads. I would appreciate it. Thank you


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